Evaluate your whole-body physiology in Minutes!

Overview of Thermography

· A functional test based in thermoregulation

· Assesses regulation capacity of all organs, glands and lymph

· Over 40 signature patterns of diseases processes are rated and prioritized

· Integrative analyses of:

· Breast Health (13 criteria)

· Prostate Health (9 criteria)

· Dental Health

Thermography Details

Regulation point thermography is whole body thermography. The ALFA Thermography System is an initial-screening method that is fully portable and does not produce radiation or toxicity. The in-depth, seven-page medical report originates from numerous infrared body readings that are taken two times. The first readings are a baseline, followed by a 10-minute period for the body to “cool” in a room that is between 68 and 72 degrees. The second set of body readings is measured and uploaded to a remote server/database. A typical patient testing takes 20-30 minutes, followed by a 30-minute review that can be done in office or by phone. Reports are emailed to the patient within minutes for their records and to give to their doctor. This allows your doctor to make more accurate and real time assessments of the disease's root cause and accompanying factors, as well as recognize trends in the body, thereby assisting in preventive medicine. The physician then can prescribe more focused laboratory or imaging tests to develop an earlier and more efficiently reached diagnosis that may result in quicker recoveries while affording significant savings for patients.

The ALFA System is ISO Certified (Worldwide Quality Control) and is FDA cleared for adjunct diagnosis by the Center for Radiological Health. 

Following is a list of some of the organ and tissue patterns that can be accurately recognized by the ALFA System:

· Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes (Pancreas)

· Breast (Breast Health, Cystic 


· Liver Disease and Function

· Endocrine Function (pituitary/thyroid/ovary)

· Cardiac Function (Efficiency, Electrophysiology)

· Brain and Headache

· Dental Infections

· Structural Integrity (Neuromuscular)

· Pulmonary Function

· Viral and Bacterial Disease 


The system can also identify parallel disease factors accompanying many conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cognitive disorders and viral diseases. Early stage detection of such factors is critical.  The AlfaSight 9000TM is an adjunct diagnostic device as further clinical tests must be performed.