About Us


I had done it; I had made it through an emergency C-section.  Sitting in a wheelchair with my 3-pound son was a miracle and a blessing.  What I didn’t know is that his health would change the trajectory of my life. Hi, I’m Susan Johnson, Vibrant Living Coach, and prior to my son’s birth I had spent many years as a counselor.  My son’s health issues took me in a completely different direction.  Struggling through doctor after doctor in order to find a diagnosis caused me to research, learn and grown in my knowledge of health and wellness.  Through my tears, struggles, and frequent urge to bang my head against the wall, I finally figured it out! 

Not long after I found the specialist who figured out my son’s health issue, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and was struggling with physical pain, fatigue and brain fog. Some days it was so bad that I feared I wouldn’t be able to live my life normally and would have to go on disability. However, I had hope that I could find a solution just like I had for my son. I researched, read books, and visited doctor after doctor looking for solutions.

All this hopelessness and pain turned around after I became a Vibrant Living Coach. I found the information and nutritional tools I needed to help promote and support my body’s own ability to heal. I learned how to eat in a way that would allow me to assimilate my nutrition more effectively since I was not absorbing my nutrition.  I also made life changes so that I could reduce my stress and listen to what I needed to be healthy. I had been a busy executive and did not take care of myself, only my work. That caught up with me eventually!

Because of these changes, I have dumped my fibromyalgia diagnosis and choose to balance my life, and my son is thriving! For me to be out of constant pain and have my life back is unbelievable!  But to see my son happy and healthy is a dream come true. I am now very mindful of how I need to eat, and to live in such a way that I am nourishing my body, mind and spirit.  I am the happiest I have ever been and feel great in my own skin rather than a prisoner of my own body.

I could not be more excited to help you find your answer and discover what has been stopping you from living a life with vigor and vitality – just the way it should be! I know that making lifestyle and habit changes that last is important, and that is why I bring my combined education and experience as a counselor, certified life and health coach, thermographer, and medicinal aroma therapist to the table. I truly want you to have an invigorated and vibrant life.  Cheers to YOUR health and welcome!